Lace Various Kinds

Lace various kinds

Clothing accessories lace lace selection skills, clothing accessories lace lace a wide range of clothing accessories lace lace is also an indispensable part of decorative materials, women's and children's clothing is an important decorative materials, including woven lace and hand lace. The following is the clothing accessories lace lace selection skills:

Woven lace is divided into woven lace, embroidery lace and woven lace three categories; hand lace, including cloth sash lace, yarn lace and the preparation of lace.

Clothing lace attention is aesthetic, durability and washing, the choice and application of lace, the need to balance the lace of the decorative, wearing, durability of the three characteristics, according to different needs to be selected.

The type of material in the clothing mainly from the connection, the combination and decoration of the role, which includes buttons, zippers, hooks, rings and nylon buckle and other types.

The following principles should be followed when selecting tight materials:

1. Should consider the type of clothing, such as infants and children and children with tight materials should be simple and safe, generally use nylon zipper or buckle; men focus on heavy and large, women focus on decorative.

2. Should consider the design and style of clothing, closely with the material should pay attention to epidemic, to achieve the unity of decoration and function.

3. Should consider the use of clothing and functions, such as raincoats, swimwear tight material to be able to waterproof, and durable, should use plastic products. Women's underwear fastener to small and thin, light weight and solid, pants placket and skirt back zipper must be self-locking.

4. Should consider the maintenance of clothing, such as often wash clothing should be used with or without metal materials.

5. Consider the clothing materials, such as heavy, fluffy fabric application of large clenched material, loose structure of the fabric should not use hooks, loops and rings.

6. Should consider the placement of the location and clothing of the open form, such as clothing close to the door should not use buttons.

 On the women, the underwear is very important, a suitable underwear affect the health and beauty of women, on the contrary wear the wrong underwear is equal to every day to destroy your body, and more importantly, affect your health and body beauty. The market underwear more and more dazzling. A comprehensive understanding of underwear, in addition to understanding the underwear of the infrastructure and functions, but also need to be skilled to understand and control underwear fabric knowledge. Underwear fabric can be divided into silk, cotton, nylon, spandex, Lycra, picture Lajia, mesh Lajia, etc., the following lace lace factory on the commonly used several fabrics to focus on the explanation.

1, cotton With sweat, breathable, warm and strong wear on the body feel comfortable, but also easy to dye and printing, by the young women's favorite.

2, silk. Touch and material are very good, breathable and sweat, but the disadvantage is not good cleaning. In the wash when the need to hand gently or dry cleaning, if the use of French lace fabric or Swiss embroidery and velvet decoration with the gorgeous effect can be reached is difficult to do other fabrics.

3, Lycra. Lycra's clothing with a lasting deformation, stretch freedom, fit comfort, just rely on the support and other characteristics, Lycra underwear is also true. Lycra fabric bra, underwear, swimsuit and socks, and even personal body sensation and eye-catching visual perception, are amazing, coupled with lace fabric embellishment, can be described as reaching the magnificent situation.