Lace Sewing Process

Lace Sewing process

Lace in the clothing on the sewing process is usually a fight, stacked seam, laminated sewing, broken broken sewing, broken folding seam, hand seam and so on. Usually lace in the whole light is the whole weaving, but sometimes also use the whole weaving, in the local use need to cut.

Clothing on the edge of the cut with the lace with the highlight of the flesh-colored casual dress with no effect, so that the ordinary color of the fabric to show the amazing luxury, adding silk, lace, diamond is the finishing touch. Silk skin care makes the wearer comfortable, while a variety of decorative techniques to make underwear products become more refined.

Cotton lace is usually used in summer clothing cuffs, hem, skirt, clothing, collar and other parts, lace in the first application before the pre-shrinking treatment, the general use of stacked joints, laminated sewing, broken folding seam.

Silk yarn intertwined lace silk material for more, sewing with 9 # needle, can not pull, usually in the hem part of the use of more, generally used laminated sewing, hand sewn.

Nylon lace is nylon filament and elastic nylon filament as a raw material shrinkage ratio is relatively large, lace in the application before the first pre-shrinking treatment. Usually used to fight every break, stacked seam, stacked pressure sewing, broken broken sewing, broken folding seam, hand sewn. Sometimes also act as tight. Usually used in summer clothing cuffs, hem, skirt, clothing body, neckline and other parts. The use of lace lace and cotton lace almost.

Sequin lace in the dress, small pieces of clothing on the use of more, fight every, stacked seam, stacked pressure sewing, hand sewing process is more common, this lace due to set the beads, sequins and other pattern map security, Should not use the pressure of sewing, broken broken sewing, broken folding seam processing.

All kinds of white hand silk cloth, cotton and water lace, matte lace, velvet patch lace, white mesh, georgette clever combination of different texture fabric design with, and lace of the patch process, a clear performance with a handicraft Characteristics of the meticulous style. Transparent bottom of the embroidery lace, colored cotton embroidery lace, gorgeous colorful cotton thread made of three-dimensional flower, a variety of yarn application of the prominent plane and three-dimensional contrast. Flash stretch fabric and matte stretch fabric in the design of the interspersed use, not only the fabric of comfort, permeability fully play, but also through the fabric of the design of the full realization of the decorative effect.

Fashion stage, Bohemian wind lace use of the style is: layers of lace, collarless shoulder jacket, large flower printing, hand lace and fine knot, cortical tassels, chaos beads String decoration, and the waves of hair; its use of color is to use the color to achieve the effect, such as sapphire blue and gold, gray and pink ... ... imbalance; cut with Gothic complex, pay attention to neckline and waist design. Not only in the T station, Bohemian style in recent years by the public is generally accepted, such as girls waist long belt tassels, body knitted hollow or chiffon fabric hand-painted, strapless loose jacket, and layer Stacked folds ...