Lace Production Processes

Lace Production processes

Lace is an important piece of clothing accessories, its appearance has changed people's lives. Officially due to the emergence of lace, so that clothing fashion to a new peak. Lace of the function so powerful, then its production process something like that? For this topic, today Xiaobian went to understand the lace of the main production processes:

In fact, the production of lace, we can be divided into the former Road, embroidery, ironing the three major processes.

1, before the process: mainly including the design, drawing patterns and colors; according to the design, calculation and equipment required for a variety of color lines and the number of varieties; check cloth, check the bottom cloth with holes, color, roving , The defect, etc .; according to the lace product specifications requirements, cutting fabric; the design pattern described as a blueprint, and then nesting, accurately calculate the required hours and the amount of line; with the hole machine will blueprint on the pattern into numerous Continuous holes, through the hole, with the color printed on the base fabric or paper version.

2, embroidery process: according to the design pattern for embroidery or weaving. In the production of large-size lace products, due to the width of the cloth limit, must be used to fight, straight fight, ramp spell, "well" word fight and other stitching method, the small size of the fabric made of stitching.

3, ironing process: mainly including rinsing, sizing, dehydration, etc., so that lace products beautiful; will sizing the product on the ironing machine flattened, dried, and cut the edge of the pattern of cloth; ironing, so that product formation , Pattern stretch; finished product quality inspection, packaging factory. Lace is a common lace accessories. Generally appear in the clothing, underwear, home textiles above. Lace thin, strong sense of hierarchy Summer underwear more common to lace as the theme. Clothing lace is able to create a sweet feeling. Lace on the home for the home to add an unexpected feeling. Increased lace of home textiles, textile products for the increase in a sense of hierarchy. A variety of lace design of home textiles will reach the sweet feeling, like the Japanese feel the crush, you can DIY lace of the textiles, for their own lying to create their own favorite feeling. We often see some curtains, table cloth will be integrated into this design, used in the summer, will give home to create a cool feeling.