Lace Production Method

Lace Production Method

Both in the material is no big difference, are chemical fiber materials, but the production method is not the same, water-soluble lace is also chemical fiber, including chiffon, Lycra are chemical fiber. Fiber only cotton, hemp, wool, silk. In the classification of lace fabrics, some cotton actually mixed with chemical fiber ingredients, or printed, cut the effect will be poor. The same time as

Chemical fiber lace with good or good to see, mostly used in the overall fabric or skirt clothes hem, cuffs, or a little embellishment, to the whole clothes to mention a lot of bright at the same time, but also increase the temperament. The same time as

Chemical fiber lace because of very thin, transparent and relatively soft, lightweight; and water lace is a hollow lace, the market popular one of the high-end fabrics, the cost of labor, time-consuming, so relatively speaking, the price will be much higher. Women love its grace and elegance, is a kind of ancient Greek relief exquisite artistic sense.

In fact, the water-soluble lace are mesh embroidery lace, and chemical fiber lace no embroidery thing. But if the two are good to use is also very good, there are cotton fiber lace material, it will look like chemical fiber just the same, and more than the general chemical fiber to a lot of soft, such as the French lace, single lace, etc., are demanding Of cotton content. Chemical fiber also has two kinds of yarn, one is polyester silk and milk silk, polyester silk texture hard, milk silk feel soft, light weight. From autumn and winter since 2012 more popular, finished product dyeing effect is very bright. Lace of the version, usually we said that the lace of the play is actually a lace of the sample, every time we get the sample, first of all to lace classification, different models of lace production, playing the way is different, Here I briefly introduce two ways to play the version.

One is the lace of the lace trim machine. Get this machine production lace we first step to analyze the number of lace yarn used, and then look at the direction of the yarn under the light, the most critical is to see the intersection of lace yarn, to understand clearly After that, we have to open the design of the dedicated lace machine design machine, in a similar form of a box in the box we just see the point of the point, this is a very time-consuming and meticulous work, but as long as Complete a lace of the cycle on it, after the completion of this work, the design of the program Kaodao our machine on it.

Second, is the embroidery lace machine version of the process, get the need to produce embroidery lace, the first thing to do is to fix it in our scale plate, and then the computer scan to the computer, and then in the special lace Design software to trace the way through the computer portrayed to complete the work, the same design to spend this kind of flower to our lace machine to go, and then the sample, if the sample out of the product is not ideal, then To adjust, so a lot of time plate division of the experience and comprehension ability, lace production and quality played a crucial role.