Lace Mesh Organization

Lace Mesh organization

We have to wear clothes every day, however, some clothes they will have lace lace wholesale in the clothes inside, not just the clothes, as well as underwear, home textiles have used to lace lace wholesale, lace lace wholesale thin , Strong sense of hierarchy Summer underwear more common lace lace as the theme. Lace on the clothing wholesale lace is able to create a sweet feeling. Lace on the home of lace wholesale for the home to add an unexpected feeling. Increased lace lace wholesale home textiles, textile products for the increase in the level of a variety of lace lace design of the home textiles will reach the sweet feeling, like the Japanese feel the crush, you can DIY lace lace wholesale textiles, for their own lying Make your favorite feeling. In general, lace lace wholesale is very worthy of our purchase. Lace is a kind of mesh organization, first appeared in the United States, lace production is a very complicated process, it is in accordance with a certain pattern with silk or yarn knotted, unlike some of China's traditional lace is hook or embroidery of. Lace lace in the women's clothing, never played the role of finishing touch. Lace seems to always and romantic, expansive linked together, that layers of overlapping knot lace, is still a woman's heart favorite. That gentle dream of a group, like a woman always do endless dreams of life. Lace lace, originated in the 16th century Europe, widely used in luxury textile and apparel decoration. Lace lace accessories in the clothing on what role? In fact, it can be said that lace lace accessories in the clothing as a decorative role, but also the role of Hu finishing touch.

Lace is we can often see the design style, exists in our clothing industry, but also some fabric design really exists. Then the lace has a distinctive style of characteristics, it is through a different design, you can have a variety of styles, which is what we see the different temperament and taste of the lace design. Lace's basic material is the same, not the same is its internal pattern design, the structure of the network structure is different, so to create a different visual effects to us. Thus completing the colorful lace design. Guangzhou lace lace design is relatively rich, and people in the north and south although the dress on the stress of the distinction, but the lace of this form, is the north and south are more recognized, especially the design of women's clothing, more Is common.