Lace Mass Use

Lace Mass use

Water-soluble embroidery (water-soluble lace): is a large category of embroidery lace, it is water-soluble non-woven fabric for the end of cloth, embroidery line type of silk light, polyester light, cotton, etc., through the computer flat embroidery machine embroidery in the base cloth On, and then by hot water treatment to water-soluble non-woven base fabric melting, leaving a three-dimensional lace. Machine embroidery lace pattern of many, embroidered delicate and beautiful, uniform and uniform, vivid, full of artistic sense and three-dimensional sense.

Water-soluble embroidery lace in embroidery lace, lotus lace, trim, lace with lace is used when it is a lot of use, is a large category of embroidery lace, this water can help embroidery to better determine the embroidery rack and The entire embroidery process on the line of tension and tightness, so that the cloth from the beginning to the end of tension, and other embroidery is completed, the water-soluble (paper) with the appropriate warm water treatment to completely dissolve, machine embroidered lace flower pattern , Embroidered delicate and beautiful, uniform and uniform, vivid, full of artistic sense and three-dimensional sense. Embroidery lace fabric is the key to clothing, a piece of good or bad embroidery lace fabric is the focus, so the exact identification of different embroidery lace fabric characteristics, for the manufacture of clothes is a great influence, but the market embroidery lace fabric , How to accurately identify the characteristics of different fabrics for clothing is particularly important, then embroidery lace manufacturers to give you some of the common features of the common features.

1, cotton Pure cotton fabric permeability, hygroscopicity, wearing comfortable, but there is a prominent shortcomings - after washing and wearing easy to wrinkle, deformation. But 60% cotton + 40% polyester will not be easy to wrinkle and deformation Oh. Polyester is usually made of 35% cotton with 65% blended. Polyester cotton cloth commonly known as the good, it not only to maintain the high strength of polyester fiber, elastic recovery of good characteristics, but also with cotton fiber moisture absorption characteristics, easy to dye, wash after the fast dry.

2, chiffon. The name of the chiffon is called Joe's yarn. Georgette, also known as Qiao Ge crepe, is a strong twist crepe, crepe weaving a silk fabric, georgette texture light and transparent, soft and flexible feel, the appearance of light and elegant, with good permeability and drape, wearing Elegant and comfortable.

3, polyester. Polyester is characterized by its flexibility is stronger than any fiber; strength and wear resistance is better, from its textile fabric is not only fastness than other fibers 3 to 4 times higher, and crisp, not easy to deformation, Reputation is the poor hygroscopicity, by its textile fabric wear on the body boring, airtight. In addition, because the fiber looks smooth, the adhesion between the fibers is poor, often rubbing where the fluff, knot.