Lace Looming Mystery

Lace Looming mystery

Lace lace of the main ingredients which? Lace in recent years has been widely applied to the ladies clothing design, no matter what kind of clothing, where the increase in the design of the lace will show a trace of noble, a trace of elegance. Sexy lace alone led a whole summer coquettish, it is the soft texture, looming mystery, as well as the delicate pattern, gave the ladies shed the endless memories!

Since the application of lace so wide, then what are the main ingredients of lace lace? What are the different functional characteristics of the various components? In fact, lace lace as a supplementary clothing decoration of a common material, people usually use nylon, polyester, cotton, rayon as the main raw material, such as spandex or stretch silk, so how can the fabric itself elastic.

Nylon (or polyester) + spandex: the common stretch lace nylon + polyester + (spandex): can be made of two-color lace, through the Jin and polyester on the color of the different made.

Full polyester (or all nylon): can be divided into monofilament and filament, monofilament used for wedding; filament can be imitated cotton effect. Nylon (polyester) + cotton: can be made of different color effect.

Cotton lace also has a noble lineage, is a high-level custom craftsmanship, now used in the high-level clothing, from the original hand-woven mesh lace, to the clothing decorated with decorative, and then to the perspective of the fabric, or gorgeous Pure, or coquettish sexy, in short, lace is no longer a simple clothing decoration, with their own charm, has become a modulation of the summer woman fragrant sweet fragrance. The design method of elastic lace is similar to that of multi-comb lace. The difference lies mainly in the organizational structure, the direction of the yarn yarn yarn and the selection of the artisan paper.

Mainly using two types of tissue: elastic mesh and "technical" mesh. The former has been as described above, and the latter is a double-comb mechanism having a greater extensibility than the weft.

1, elastic mesh

The most commonly used elastic structure is "elastic mesh structure", which consists of four combs. All the way through the bar to wear a way to wear 1 empty. Located in front of the machine to the two knitting woven "fishing net organization" for symmetrical mat yarn. In the third and fourth sides of the machine, the comb is inserted into the elastic yarn, and the symmetrical pad yarn is wound around the knitting brackets in front of the two knots. In a knitted braid with a woven knitting, the fourth elastic yarn was combed into the second knitted braid.

If the above-mentioned pair of yarns are changed, the direction of the needle back yarn of the elastic yarn is opposite to the direction of the corresponding needle back yarn, the elastic yarn is separated and two intersections are formed on the fabric, It is not correct.