Lace Lace Started Late

Lace Lace started late

Use from the 18th century without exception. In the twentieth century, the demand for fashion in Europe and North America has been increasing, and many countries have produced lace for their hand, of course, including China. The early 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Xujiahui area in Shanghai was an important area for processing and production. At this time is the final peak of the decoration, although later in the women's children's wear, evening wear or wedding still occupies an important position, but the twentieth century in the various years have not encountered lace lace golden period. China in the early 80s, lace and began to appear frequently in front of people. With the new fashion debut. Coupled with a transparent and transparent installation of the gradual popular. Suddenly became the fashion industry star. In the women's clothing, has always played the role of finishing touch. Lace seems to always and romantic, expansive linked together, that layers of tired knot lap, is still a woman's heart favorite. That gentle dream of a group, like a woman always do endless dreams of life.

Lace lace, originated in the 16th century in Europe, widely used in luxury textile and apparel decoration. At the beginning of his production process is quite complex, it is not like the traditional hook or embroidery, and the book in accordance with the pattern effect with silk or yarn knotted, the production need to wire in a small shuttle above. Each shuttle has only a thumb size. A less complex pattern requires dozens or nearly a hundred such small shuttle, and then a large number of patterns will need hundreds of small shuttle. Production of the pattern on the following, according to the pattern using a different series, knot, around the way to produce.

To the last century, lace lace from the traditional series, knot, around the way to the current mechanized development. The mechanical chain block knitting lace machine, greatly enriched the lace type and pattern. Its use from clothing decoration extended to the home decoration and accessories and other fields, and the rapid increase in demand, product variety richer, and promote the rapid development of the lace industry.

China's lace started late in the last century, 80 years ago, weaving lace of the machine is mainly imported from abroad, the early 90s of last century, Guangzhou and Zhejiang area to absorb the characteristics of foreign machinery, combined with the actual situation in China, independent research and development China's first lace machine, and through a lace factory in Shenzhen as a pilot unit. Since then the end of the lace machine needs to import the problem.