Lace Lace Fabric Ingredients

Lace Lace fabric ingredients

The production of elastic lace is the use of high-frequency oscillation from the welding head to the sound waves sent to the workpiece welding surface, and instantly make the work of molecular friction, to the melting point of plastic, thus completing the rapid dissolution of solid materials to complete the welding. The use of ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, sealing the edge does not crack, do not hurt the edge of the cloth, and no burr, curling phenomenon.

Elastic lace is generally used as a waistband lace dress, can be used as a self-cultivation feeling.

Elastic lace will also lace together with the production of production, lace lace socks will use elastic lace as a liner design, to strengthen the elastic lace lace.

And joined the elastic fabric lace lace actually stretch the function, making the elastic lace lace socks for more different body wear.

Now some beads lace is the elastic lace as a mat, making these beads with elastic stretch elastic stretch to make more flowers out of the show, in the large party on the host wearing some of the dress with elastic lace design beads Paste on the dress.

Lace lace, originated in the 16th century in Europe, widely used in luxury textile and apparel decoration. At the beginning of his production process is quite complex, it is not like the traditional hook or embroidery, and the book in accordance with the pattern effect with silk or yarn knotted, the production need to wire in a small shuttle above. Each shuttle has only a thumb size.

One, how to determine the quality of lace lace difference?

Customers determine the quality of lace lace products mainly from these aspects to determine:

1. Is there a hole, whether there is a needle and a pinch. Whether the pattern is symmetrical. Feel, according to the actual needs of customers to determine.

2. Whether the color meets the requirements. Density and width: lace fabric and stretch lace are from the height, density, width of these aspects to determine.

Lace attention to the aesthetic, washing, durability, selection and application of elastic lace, the need to balance the lace of the wear, durability, decorative three characteristics, according to the different needs of appropriate to be selected. Should choose the quality of better lace quality, it is even more lace fashion beauty and special place.

Second, the composition of lace fabric identification

At present, the market sales of some lace fabric composition and content label is not standardized, resulting in some people waiting for an opportunity to shoddy, to fake really, to deceive consumers. In order to help consumers correctly identify the main real ingredients of lace fabrics, we recommend simple and practical combustion method. Consumers as long as the seeds out of a silk out, with the fire to ignite it, and then observe the state of the burning flame, smell the smell of cloth issued after the smell, see the residue after burning, and determine the clothing durability label Of the fabric composition is consistent to identify the authenticity of fabric ingredients.