Lace Jacquard Mechanism Control

Lace Jacquard mechanism control

1. Woven lace

Woven lace is defined by the jacquard mechanism of the loom to control the warp and weft lattice. Usually with cotton thread, silk, nylon silk, rayon, gold and silver wire, polyester silk, acrylic fiber as raw material, the use of plain weave, twill, satin and small jacquard and other organizations in shuttle or shuttleless loom with yarn-dyed weaving process Come into being. Can be a number of simultaneous weaving or weaving system with electric cut after the cut. The strip width is generally ranging from 3-170mm. Common varieties are cotton lace, silk yarn intertwined lace, nylon lace, cotton knot lace, cotton and nitrile intertwined lace and so on. Woven lace with a close texture, colorful, full of artistic sense and three-dimensional characteristics, suitable for all kinds of clothing and other fabric products edge decoration.

Cotton lace with dyeing cotton thread for latitude and longitude. Bottom through the bottom of the use of fine yarn or yarn. Flowers through the latitude, the fine yarn of the double-stranded, special available coarse three-stranded. At the end of the organization to the main plain, there are a few use of honeycomb and other small pattern organization. Flower organization to satin-based, can also be used in some special organizations. Cotton lace texture fast, washable wear-resistant, colorful, three-dimensional sense. Mainly used for carpets, tapestries, sheets, clothing, shoes, straps along the edge of decoration.

Silk yarn intertwined lace in the use of Chinese ethnic minorities, it is also known as national lace. Patterns are mostly auspicious, Qingfeng harvest with national characteristics. Weaving generally used dyeing rayon 133.3- 555.5dtex (120-500 denier) and dyeing cotton thread (18.5-7tex) × 2 (32 / 2-80 / 2 British branch) double strand. To organize the main plain, flower organization to satin-based, both sides of the edge of the organization is used satin or twill. Common varieties are generally cotton or low twist of 277.8-555.5dtex (250-500 denier) rayon for, for jacquard (artificial silk used as a flower), twist rayon for weaving. Width specification is 3-170mm. The lace texture fast, bright color, intolerant wash. Mainly used for the decoration of ethnic minorities clothing, can also be used for shoes and hats, children's clothing, tablecloths, furniture, cover cloth edge and women's headband. Nylon lace is nylon and stretch nylon filament as raw material, the end of the organization with plain weave, flower structure can be based on the different requirements of the pattern design twill or satin, using 22.2- 50dtex (20-45 denier) nylon wire for the bottom and bottom Weft, with 77.8dtex (70 denier) or 133.3dtex (120 denier) elastic nylon filament for the latitude, weaving in the jacquard loom made by wet heat from stereotypes. Most of the edge of the organization made of tooth-like edge to make the edge more lively lines of beauty. Width specification is 3-170mm. Products light and transparent, bright color, soft luster. For a variety of clothing, children's socks, hats, furniture, cloth and other decoration.