Lace Hollow Out Products

Lace Hollow out products

The lace is a kind of embroidery, also called "draw yarn". It is a decorative hollowed-out product which is made of cotton thread, hemp thread, silk thread or various kinds of fabric.

A kind of embroidery

A kind of embroidery, also called "spinning". It is a decorative hollowed-out product which is made of cotton thread, hemp thread, silk thread or various kinds of fabric. It is said that in the late qing dynasty, Europe was introduced to China. In the ancient Egyptian tombs of the 4th and 5th centuries, there was a similar thread and embroidered lace. Medieval European lace production was concentrated in monasteries. In the 15th century, Italy, Belgium and France developed lace production. The 17th century was the period of European lace production, the Italian Venice lace is famous for the world. In the 19th century the British invented the lace loom, the mechanism of lace, which led to the decline of the European artisanal lace. At the end of the 19th century, the European lace was introduced into China, and the Irish missionary dean maomaan set up a school for girls in yantai, shandong. A life article used for embroidery and knitting. The variety has "pick up the flower", "carve embroidery", "net buckle" and so on. The tones are white, light yellow, beige, light green and pale blue. Suitable for tablecloth, bedcovers, pillow covers, cushions, handkerchiefs and tea MATS. The main producing areas are shandong, guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai.

Decorative ribbon fabric

There are various patterns of pattern, as decorative ribbon fabric, used as various kinds of clothing, curtains, tablecloth, bedspread, lamp shade, bedding, etc. The lace is divided into four categories: machine weaving, knitting, embroidery and weaving. The lace of silk weave, used more in the minority of our country, so called the national lace. The pattern is more auspicious. The knitting lace is closely knit, the flower type is rich in stereoscopic feeling, the color is rich. The knitted lace tissue is loose, with clear eyes and light and graceful appearance. There is no limit to the number of colored planting of embroidery. The braided lace is made of lace and hand-woven.

The lace of our country

Lace starts late in our country, in the 1980 s, weaving lace machine mainly imported from foreign, in the early 1990 s, a company in jiangsu province has absorbed the characteristics of the foreign machines, combined with domestic actual situation, independent research and development for our country the first lace machine, as a pilot unit. From then on, the end of the lace machine problems which need to be imported in our country.

4. Classification of lace

Wooden stick lace, lace green state (divided into two full lace and inlay spelling lace), carved flat embroidery, shuttle lace, cieme edge, hand lace, one hundred generation beautiful lace, embroidery lace, lace, knots woven lace... Full of work lace with fine cotton thread as raw material, with flat knitting, septum knitting, thin weave, dense knitting technique to form a variety of flower type, the whole has the effect of transmission art effect. The lace is made of woven lace and embroidered with linen. The product has pan mat, small inserts and tablecloth, bedspread, lace craft umbrella etc.