Lace Heat Preservation Materials

Lace Heat preservation materials

Thermolite Plus

Lightweight typical thermal insulation material, suitable for: ski clothes, gloves, sleeping bags, etc., have excellent thermal insulation effect. The insulation material is 30% higher than thin insulation material. Warmer than the typical thick thermal insulation material, it is lighter than the typical thick insulation material. Even if you wet, you can block heat loss.

Thermolite Active

The warmest super - book thermal insulation series (including Active Soft, Active t-0, Active t-4, etc.) is applicable to: ski jackets, windbreakers, jackets, raincoats, vests, gloves, hats and snowsuits. Warm and warm.

It is very soft and can provide beautiful exteriors. Beautiful, comfortable and fit. It's better than the general thin insulation.

Thermolite Micro

Super warm materials for: ready-to-wear, sleeping bags, gloves. It is made of ultrafine fiber, which is lighter, softer and more elastic than natural wool. Compared with the premium feather, the cost is only 50%, but it can provide twice as much heat.


Micro fibers are fibers that are thinner than silk and are incredibly soft and compressible, durable and not deformed.

Thermolite Extreme

Advanced thermal insulation material for: snow suit, sleeping bag, gloves. It has a higher warmth than solid fiber. There are excellent softness and compressibility.

Thermolite Extra

For emerging thermal insulation. Suitable for: ready-to-wear, sleeping bag.

It is very pliant and has good elasticity. Three holes hollow, more air than solid fiber, with stronger warmth

Lace history and culture - the lace overview

Woven lace is woven from the jacquard body to control the warp and weft threads. It can be made in multiple simultaneous weaving or one-piece weaving. The width of the lace is generally 3 ~ 170 mm.

Woven lace is divided into pure cotton, silk yarn, nylon lace and so on. Silk yarn interlaced lace is used more in Chinese ethnic minorities, so it is also known as national lace, which is mostly auspicious and auspicious. The bottom tissue of the woven lace is plain, twill, satin, honeycomb, small pattern, etc. Common materials are cotton thread, silk, gold and silver thread, rayon, polyamide, acrylic and polyester yarns. Woven lace texture closely, the flower shape has the stereo feeling, the color is rich. Knitting lace is woven by warp knitting machine. The process is: the needle of the tongue makes the warp thread ring, the thread of the guide thread is controlled by the knitting pattern, through the processing of the shape processing the strip is the lace. The lace is mostly made of polyamide silk, polyester silk and rayon, commonly known as knitting nylon lace. Lace width is designed for use. Knitted lace tissue is loose, with clear eye, light and elegant appearance. Embroidery lace machine embroidery with hand-embroidered two kinds. Embroidery machine for automatic shuttle type, the weaving time is controlled by jacquard mechanism pattern, after the machine, after processing opens a bar. The blank can be various kinds of fabric, mainly thin. Hand embroider edge can be made by hand embroider machine embroider the complex pattern that cannot make, the image is realistic, rich artistic feeling. Woven lace is made from a torque lace mechanism, which used to be hand-woven by a stick. This kind of lace is also permeable, the texture is loose, the cotton thread is the main raw material.