Jewelry Processing

Cut: is mainly based on gem and the morphology of large pieces of material into a specific size and shape, cutting machine may be used; pre-shaped: called preliminary wool trim styling, dressing machines may be used; for grinding: primarily for grinding stone shapes. According to the different grinding and abrasives, grinding equipment can be divided into round grinding machines, grinding machines, grinding machines, milling machines, and other; polishing: used in gem polishing. In some cases you can replace abrasives, abrasive polishing grinding equipment, but also has special polishing machine drill: some jewelry, such as beads and pendants need to punch, punch is used in this machine. Of course, depending on the situation, gem processing and cleaning, bonding or other treatment process, the only way in order to create fine jewelry. Common styles of jewelry due to the different nature of crystal gem stone belongs is different, different shape, physical properties and in particular optical properties and, therefore, in order to reflect the beauty of gems, at the time of processing need to design the right style.