Jewellery Maintenance

1. at the time of exercise or do heavy work, do not wear jewelry, so as to avoid irreparable damage caused by collision. Even in everyday use, and take care to avoid wear and shock or damage even if it is the most easy to wear jewels. 2. when storing jewelry, the jewelry store in a box or a soft cloth, and other jewelry and they do not touch each other. Most gemstones harder than gold, silver or Platinum, if not separated, the surface may scratch other jewelry. 3. When you wear jewelry, attention should be checked once a month, if there is a loose mosaic phenomenon, should be repaired in a timely manner. 4. after the grooming and makeup wear jewelry, which can avoid spray damaged jewelry or cosmetics so as to maintain its color. 5. jewelry, stained with grease and sweat secreted by the body, light will disappear. Therefore, if you frequently wear should be cleaned once a month. 6. professional nursing: normal wear and eventually pulls jewelry paw and other metal parts loose. Therefore, every six months to the jewelry shop professional jewelry is a good way to check for you.