Jewellery Categories

Jewelry can be divided into natural gems (natural stone, natural stone, organic/natural stone) and artificial stone (artificial stone, reconstituted stone, composite stones, synthetic stones). Natural stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold, and Green Opal, Beryl, Emerald, tourmaline, Opal, ice colored chalcedony, NCM, 17. Natural jade: huanglong jade, agate, Jasper, lingbi jade, nephrite, Qing Hua Cuiyu, xiuyan jade, jade in Nanyang color jade, ice marrow, shetaicui, Jin Siyu, jade, jades, malachite, turquoise, East junggar, luminous jade, jade, white jade, jade, green stone, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, Jin Huangyu, icing flowers, stones, etc. Natural stone: Shoushan Stone, tianhuang stone, mined, bloodstone, five flower, long white stone, end Shi, Tao Shi, the Songhua stone, Yuhua stone, Ba Linshi, Helan stone, chrysanthemum stone, stones, chime stones, Ziyun, swallow stones, Xi Shi, red silk stone, stones, fossils Chang, serpentine, Sheung Shui stones, talcum, granite, marble and so on. Natural organic gemstones: amber, Pearl, coral, ivory, black amber 5.