Jeans Button The Use Of Decorations

Jeans Button The use of decorations

Among the many metal button varieties, the metal button is a more widely used. It is a variety of colors, can be applied to a variety of clothing, accessories and packaging decoration. With the pursuit of fashion and material culture, buttons are used for ornaments more and more widely used. This form of change, to promote the type and material of the button has also undergone a greater change, all kinds of varieties, always dazzling.

In our common color varieties, according to the shape of a round, square, diamond, oval, leaf shape, etc .; according to the color of convex flowers, concave flowers, mosaic, wrapping, etc .; according to the raw material phase of bakelite, leather, shell , Pearlescent, electroplating, metal, etc., as well as no need to stitch, no lines, no button button, etc .; there are some with the color of the plate system disk flower, can be carefully produced a variety of shapes, artistic, such as butterfly , Goldfish New Zealand, plum blossom, chicken heart and so on. According to the characteristics of the material can be divided into four categories: synthetic materials buttons, natural materials buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons.

The next few years, the role of buttons in the clothing accessories industry will have a greater upgrade, and its application in the apparel industry will be more extensive

The Effect of Strong Acid Fabric on Button

The use of metal buttons under strongly acidic fabrics can cause discoloration and corrosion. This chemical change will occur under the following conditions: black, brown denim and leather, PVC imitation leather and other fabrics, because in the dyeing or production process, easy to residual strong acid chemical substances, resulting in metal buttons When used on such fabrics, it is more susceptible to erosion. When a certain degree of severity is reached, the appearance will change color and affect the life of the button.

 Therefore, in order to protect the interests of all parties, please pay attention to this phenomenon, and in the order for the strong acid on the metal buttons on the fabric, do the following measures:

   1: assess or test the specific situation of corrosion discoloration, to understand and determine whether the risk;

   2: take all possible measures to reduce the residual material of the material to slow down the impact of corrosion and speed;

   3: communicate with the button factory, so that the button on the product to do protective measures;

   4: with a small amount of analog buttons, according to the trial results to determine whether to play button.

We sincerely hope that through the use of Shenzhen City Down metal button Products Co., Ltd. products, can give customers a safe and effective. But please also understand that acidic chemicals on the metal corrosion is inevitable. Although we can not guarantee that the product in the strong acid use conditions do not corrode, do not change color, but we will do our best to delay this process, please our customers understand and cooperate.