Jeans Button Structure Is Divided Into

Jeans Button Structure is divided into

Introduction to metal buckle


The button is also called a button, which is a component that constitutes a temporary connection and positioning of clothing and other analogues. One-time buckle, yin and yang buckle are respectively formed by riveting the yin and yang pieces and the respective riveted pieces, but the inner and outer flanges of the female fitting in the female buckle are fitted with intermittent grooves , The outer circumference of the mouth is intermittent arc-shaped groove, and the back of the groove is a rib structure. Good use, chord elastic uniform, not affected by other factors such as clothing thickness. It is made of plastic molds, widely used in clothing, footwear, handbags, gifts and other industries, its main function is the main function of the needle, For hanging tag and so on. Its structure is divided into head and tail, also known as male and female, the head is divided into three-shaped and round, tail (that is, one end of the hole) is divided into cylindrical and round shape. If it is plastic heart word deduction, which is associated with the work of the plastic heart of the relationship, if the use of almost plastic plastic heart, will not be able to withstand the nail hit the pressure, it will squeeze open. So we will pull out a hard pull. And with good plastic - new material to do, it will not happen this situation. But also with the shape of the nail has a relationship, there are spikes, but also screw nails, the general situation of the use of screw nails.

2, nails marked with buttons, the word deduction of the surface directly through the wear

Can be a simple analysis can be out, is the word buckle the panel is too thin. Simply can not withstand the nail hit the momentum, all of a sudden you can put the button to wear off. This kind of situation is relatively small, like alloy, copper, iron word deduction, do ordinary is also very rare, unless deliberately hard to play, will face to wear off.

3, the word deduction on the pair of jeans, the surface out of color

In fact, this problem is relatively simple, the word buckle the surface fade, which is generally associated with electroplating and painting, plating is not good, no oil products, the color is generally not long, in the air after oxidation, the color will fade, Also in the process of friction will fall. In the case of paint, the paint is lost, which is related to the composition of the paint of the product, and the good paint is not lost unless it is the kind of poor paint.

4, the word buckle rough

Buttons appear this problem, which is related to the surface treatment process of the factory, polishing is not in place, the product mold is not good. These points to do a good job, can be avoided.