Jeans Button Improve The Metal Resistance To The Outside World

Jeans Button Improve the metal resistance to the outside world

For the pursuit of fashion texture, now in a lot of clothing, shoes or bags will be set with a wide range of metal buttons. And these metal buttons due to long-term contact with the atmosphere, moisture or other impurities, often there will be corrosion or discoloration, a great impact on the appearance of goods. So, for this often happen, how can we prevent the metal buttons on the clothes from rusting?

Because it is some external or think factors, so we have to fundamentally solve. Metal buttons are mostly due to moisture, high temperature, gas, sulfur dioxide, chloride, dust and other factors and rust, prevention and treatment is to avoid or slow down the impact of these factors on the button. With the progress of production technology, and now, the anti-rust method of metal objects is also more high-tech. Can be added in the smelting of some specific elements, to improve the ability of metal to resist the external environment erosion. Metal can also be surface corrosion-resistant treatment, to form a specific protective film. In addition to these, or a kind of external protection measures. Can use rust inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, sealing and other methods to make metal buttons and the outside world temporarily isolated. Although the daily use will also weaken the protective surface of the button surface, but through such methods, rust-proof period of basic up to several months to several years, basically to ensure that we do not appear in the probation period of.

Button is not just the clothing on the fastener

In our traditional concept, the buttons are just a piece of ordinary fasteners on clothing, it is the role of connecting clothing parts. With the development and progress of society, this concept is also slowly changing in our minds. Nowadays, the meaning of the buttons that people have given is far beyond the buttons themselves. When we make a costume design or other object design, will be more into the button. Seemingly simple ornaments, show to us is a decent design effect.

In daily life, due to haste a lot of people in the clothes when the total easy to buckle the wrong button, not allowed or not bad situation also occur. Sociology has this phenomenon, called "the first button effect." In our journey of life, each of us is faced with a lot of "first time". When we do every job, every thing, will determine a base point, and this is the "first button." This "first button" is like the beginning of our life, the first step, the back will be wrong step. We can be vigorous life, you can also flat life, no matter what way of life, we can find their own direction can continue to move forward. The key to life is to lock their goals in the right direction, no matter what the benchmark, what kind of mentality, to our dream of the broad road is to let us end life to pursue of.