Jeans Button Assembly Method

Jeans Button Assembly method

No matter what we do, we have to talk about methods, methods of the head, not only can achieve a multiplier effect and can also avoid accidents, take the metal buttons for example, a quality qualified button if the assembly process Not only slow but also easy to cause the button off, loose, burst and so on, this is certainly not the result you want. So good products we have to have the right to use the method, so as to the performance of the product to play the most vividly. Here is the metal button to say the clothes on the assembly method.

1, the choice of fabric, the choice of buttons

Here should pay attention to the different fabrics and cloth number to use different accessories, such as no special requirements Metal buttons are generally playing in the jeans or casual clothes to play 2-4 layer cloth.

2, metal button making system to do

A, mold face mold should match the shape of the product, when the product has obvious convex wheat head should be used "cover" to ensure that the product is not deformed after playing.

B, playing the "volume" should be able to ensure that such as flute products flute effective bend and try to "not flowering."

C, the size of the mold should match the size of the product, such as product diameter, height, etc., followed by different products to determine the molding materials, such as steel mold, sets of plastic mold, spring mold, Body, mold handle size should be used with the button machine body and its hole size match, is strictly prohibited in the mold on the tangled foreign body method of loading mold button.

3, metal buttons play mode adjustment

A, playing with a button on the machine after the first try to play, and then adjust the thickness of the fabric according to the distance between the upper and lower mold to the appropriate location, while confirming the upper and lower axis of the button machine is not obvious dislocation (to ensure coaxial).

B, the product hit the cloth after the completion of the installation of the button, the value of the button should be the standard, such as no test equipment, in principle, the gap between the button and cloth to nail plug does not enter, forced pull button is not allowed.

4, the product staples when the note

A, all products can not be deformed after stapling, especially the product surface, nail no blasting space and so on.

B, a certain number of binding products, repeat the "model of the adjustment" of the work, to confirm the correct after the staples.

Garment manufacturers in the equipment when the button as long as the implementation of the above can absolutely guarantee the efficiency of the same time to the greatest extent possible to avoid other accidents. For the pursuit of fashion texture, now in a lot of clothing, shoes or bags will be set with a wide range of metal buttons. And these metal buttons due to long-term contact with the atmosphere, moisture or other impurities, often there will be corrosion or discoloration, a great impact on the appearance of goods. So, for this often happen, how can we prevent the metal buttons on the clothes from rusting?

Because it is some external or think factors, so we have to fundamentally solve. Metal buttons are mostly due to moisture, high temperature, gas, sulfur dioxide, chloride, dust and other factors and rust, prevention and treatment is to avoid or slow down the impact of these factors on the button. With the progress of production technology, and now, the anti-rust method of metal objects is also more high-tech. Can be added in the smelting of some specific elements, to improve the ability of metal to resist the external environment erosion. Metal can also be surface corrosion-resistant treatment, to form a specific protective film. In addition to these, or a kind of external protection measures. Can use rust inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, sealing and other methods to make metal buttons and the outside world temporarily isolated. Although the daily use will also weaken the protective surface of the button surface, but through such methods, rust-proof period of basic up to several months to several years, basically to ensure that we do not appear in the probation period of.