How To Maintain The Jewelry Series II

Alloy jewelry maintenance: If you buy a famous plant are available, with proper maintenance, guaranteed years remains bright as new. Such jewelry very expensive maintenance is not required for maintenance of the water, avoiding the acid and alkali and wet environment can be. Moist environments include: bathing, washing without when, sweating when not worn, store, use a dry cloth to dry before; place the jewelry in the jewelry box should be placed 1 desiccant; imitation jewelry not to wear should be promptly put in your jewelry box. Specific maintenance is as follows: 1. the jewelry is often replaced with a piece of jewelry, you should avoid long wear, especially in the hot summer, jewelry plating long-term exposure to sweat easily, so it is best to plan the item to use as a regular substitution. 2. exposure to chemicals, jewelry is easy to damage. Aroma bath, swimming in a chlorine and sea salt, to jewelry plating caused Eclipse marks, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming. 3. collision prone to scratches, store be careful do not overlap jewelry together, should be stored in its original packaging or within independent small jewelry boxes are available to avoid scratches and scratch the surface