Garment Accessories The Characteristics Of The

  Clothing accessories, from the surface to understand, in addition to the main fashion (shirt, pants, skirts, shoes), the better performance to express the effect of additional accessories, the material variety, variety. Clothing accessories gradually evolved into an extension of the form of clothing, has become an indispensable part of the embodiment of beauty.

(A) subordination and integrity

Clothing accessories and clothing compared to the secondary, subordinate status, but at the same time with the era of fresh and guide fashion forward-looking. Because of the environment, the times, the cultural and other aspects of the differences, people dress dress requirements are different, clothing and accessories between the subordinate relationship is also different, according to specific factors to consider. In modern daily life, people's dress code depends on the current environment, culture, aesthetics and the trend, people's dress requirements are reflected in the beautiful, comfortable, health, fashion, personality and overall coordination, clothing as the main body, shoes and hats , Jewelry and other clothing accessories should be around the characteristics of clothing to match, from the style, color, decoration on the formation of a complete series of clothing, and the formation of a perfect uniform with the dress.

(B) social and national character

The development of clothing accessories reflects the social and national character.

On the one hand, the cultural, technological, technological level, political, religious and aspects of different periods have had a profound impact on it. This influence necessarily reflects the changes in artistic, aesthetic, technological, decorative and other aspects.

On the other hand, different ethnic customs, national customs, geographical environment, climatic conditions and other factors, so that different ethnic groups, different regions of the clothing accessories have their own different forms and content.

(3) aesthetic and symbolic

The aesthetic of clothing accessories is closely linked to symbolism. Since the community began to form a class division, the hierarchical system gradually formed. Level differences are bound to be reflected on the clothing accessories. Such as the emperor sounding, the level of official to the number of crown beam, color, ornaments to distinguish the difference. Civilians can only wear a scarf, etc., people can wear clothes from the clear status of their status. At the same time, people on the aesthetic level of clothing as in the increasing, from the development of today's clothing accessories can be very clearly see this point.