Collar With Skills

Collar With skills

 Round face when people choose to pay attention to the collar, remember not to choose a circle with a high collar or cross the narrow collar, because your face is relatively large, if you choose this collar, then it will It seems your face is bigger, shorter neck, so with, would not it ugly? What round the face of the people choose what kind of collar it? Answer: it is recommended to choose no collar clothing or dwarf collar and neckline under the sharp collar clothing, this collar clothing can make your neck and part of the ** exposed, the tip of the natural sagging, so that the neck longer, face to see Up will not be so fat round. You can choose U-shaped collar, V-shaped collar or square collar, wear round neckline, these collar collar slightly larger than the face of a little, then the face will appear smaller. Oval face for the collar type: the choice of a wide range, suitable for any collar type; suitable for heart-shaped collar collar: In principle, heart-shaped face and all collar collar. But it is best not to let your sharp jaws too compelling, can be accompanied by high collar or a collar to cover up. Therefore, the round collar, square collar collar or stand more suitable for sharp face type of people. These kinds of collar can also be obtained through the form of valgus widening the cheek narrower enough to make sure to pay attention, because the narrow edge of the chicken heart and face more similar, all try to avoid. Suitable for long face collar type: in order to make long face looks not so long, you can choose shirt collar or high collar. Coat and shirt collar should be higher, open collar the more shallow the better, such as round-shaped shawl collar, jacket collar and so on. Usually face long people, their neck is relatively long, if you choose the collar of the collar is a low collar, sharp collar and other collar, then the neck will look longer, but also increase the length of the face, it is difficult to see very much. Suitable for triangular face collar type: triangular face, also known as pear-shaped face, this face is characterized by small jaw, jaw wide. In order to make the face look soft, you can choose V-shaped collar of the clothing. Suitable for the Quartet face collar type: the square face has become the word face, square face is relatively large, there is a strong sense of water chestnut If the collar is improperly used, such as wearing a round collar clothing, will make the face more spacious, more sense of angle. The square face is suitable for large collar type. A word collar with a word collar line simple and neat, there is no complex curve of the word collar, more suitable for cheekbones prominent diamond-shaped face beauty, round face people wear collar widened word collar, but also elongated face effect. Long face fit degree ★ word to understand the elongated face, so long face is not suitable, there are lace or special design of the collar can also try! Square face fit degree 0 and a square parallel square face, it is easy to see flaws, so to avoid. Round face fit ★ ★ ★ ★ round face for wearing a larger collar clothes, will appear relatively thin face. Diamond face fit ★ ★ ★ ★ diamond-shaped face must pay special attention to the collar shape is simple is the best. Triangle face fit degree 0 triangle face to wear a word collar, easy to highlight the shortcomings of the chin. Inverted triangular face fit ★ ★ ★ wide word collar, you can modify the wide under the narrow face, so that your forehead has become smaller feeling.

 Collar collar

The visible round neck coat of course has its popular reason. In addition to the round face of the people do not fit Taiwan, the other face of the people wearing a round neck dress can achieve a good modification effect. Do not know how to wear, choose round neck clothing to ensure that no mistake. Long face face degree ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ round collar can make too long face has shortened the effect, so long face beauty can not miss! Square face fitness ★ ★ ★ ★ with a soft curvature of the round collar decorated square face effect is good, you can make the face of the four corners look soft. Round face fit degree 0 round face of course, do not match the round collar collar. Round with round, no, we must avoid. Diamond-shaped face fit ★ ★ ★ ★ round neck suitable for diamond-shaped eyelid people, no extra lines, to the face with a soft feeling. Triangular face fit ★ ★ ★ ★ round neck for the angle of the face modification effect is good, you can make the face look soft, people also appear gentle. Inverted triangular face fit ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ this face coupled with round neck, can be relaxed on the wide gap under the narrow sense, to achieve the purpose of modification.