Collar Type Of Collar

Collar Type of collar

1. Type of collar

General by a wide range of collar, the collar collar (garment body neckline shape), lapel collar stand and the collar (can only have one part or two parts) of three parts, in this paper, the relationship between the collar and the collar, the collar's relationship with garment body and collar lapel, collar, the relationship between the collar stand and the collar collar if there is a double line of collar for several aspects such as the conventional classification.

1.1 type without collar

This collar has a collar, no lapels and a collar. Garment body near the BoGen form collar do model change, such as common shirt, small vest, such as clothing, such clothing, free of collar, neck wear casual and comfortable, because there is no limit to the collar of garment body, the design of the collar is very free, as long as can guarantee the body's normal wear, can have the effect of cover body, no collar collar pattern size and shape can be arbitrary change, collar with garment body as a whole.

1.2 get model

The collared garment was on the collar of the collar of the collar, with various lapels attached. These collars are generally tailoring additionally, at the collar and garment body split, with obvious dividing line, from the appearance have separate component, at the same time, due to split collar and wear on the human body, therefore, collar cannot too arbitrary deformation, shape and size are generally close to the neck of the human body curve shape, the collar due to split to a garment body collar, the collar with the length of the garment body collar arc length is associated.

1.2.1 fold collar

The lapel collar is directly mounted on the collar, with a collar and collar. It has a turning line. The general collar is wider than the collar. The structure of the collar and body is independent. The fold, closure and opening of the collar will not affect the body structure. The lapel collar can be a variety of shapes, and the shape and design of the lapel are mainly based on the design of the pointed shape, which can be square, round, pointed and so on, which is a very common collar.

The 2 collar

The barge collar is also called a suit collar, which consists of two parts of the fold and the first. The main feature of the barge collar is that the collar is mixed with the front body, and the front part of the body is the barbed part of the collar. Therefore, the collar is a mixture of collar and clothing. The refutation can be divided into several forms according to the external type: flat barge head, gun barge head, green fruit collar, etc. 1.2.3 collar

Only the collar has no lapels, most notably the collar of China's traditional cheongsam. Collar clothing collar design should pay special attention to the width of the collar, because the human body neck length is limited, so do the collar must be considered when the clothing to the comfort of human body neck collar width to appropriate, generally 2-5 centimeters advisable.

1. Temple led

Temple has brought the surface, no collar band, often in the human body shoulder, back, make on the outside of the human body, the change of the collar shape design is brought the design main point, if the doll type round collar, before the crew neck rear pointed collar, are representative of the temple took form of change, of the collar collar for size, shape, change compared with fold collar, the collar more freedom.

1.2.5 hooded collar

Hooded collar collar would become an apparel hoods, can be put in the head, and can also be draped with behind, hooded collar design is focused on the hat of length, width, and demanded first to let the human body and the total length of the head, neck also need to consider before and after the total thickness of head, make the person can be in casual wear a hat. Second, you can consider the factors of design modeling.