Collar The Collar Part

Collar The collar part

Literally, the collar is the collar part of the dress. However, different colored collars have different meanings.


Editor of the clothing component term

Collar (including collar, V collar, square collar, collar, lapel, etc.)

The clothing part that covers the neck of the human body, the protective and decorative effect, which includes the body part of the neck and neck, the narrow sense of the collar. The collar is installed on the collar of the garment, including the following sections:

(1) collar: the fold line of the collar.

(2) collar: the seam of the collar and collar.

(3) outside the collar: the outside part of the collar.

(4) collar: part of the collar of the collar to the collar.

(5) lapel: the collar that folds from the fold to the outside.

(6) collars: the seam of the neck and the hanging surface.

(7) the gap between the collar and the tip of the collar.

The social workplace is called an editor

White-collar workers: refers to the mainly engaged in mental Labour management, design, medical staff and teachers, etc., because of its often wears a white shirt, a clean and tidy, it is referred to as "white-collar workers".

Blue-collar refers to industrial workers, farm workers, service workers, etc., they are mostly engaged in manual Labour, often wore blue overalls, therefore calls "blue-collar workers".

Pink-collar worker: refers to the state organs, enterprises, scientific research departments engaged in typing, filing, data or member of the secretarial staff daily reception work, they are mostly during the age of the young woman, because is referred to as "pink-collar worker".

Golden collar worker: refers to the new technical personnel with professional skills in the information age, including the IT community, engineers, lawyers and planners.

(phonography. Word from page (xie), from the order of order. "page" means head. "order" meaning

For "domination", "conscription". The "page" and "order" unite to say "the head dominates the body through the neck". Meaning: neck. Escape: collar. Quote: lead, lead. Description: 1. After people hear the sound of the call, will be hearing turned and saw the man points hand, said: "is you", then the body also turned, and walked toward the man. In this response, the head first turns, then the body follows, as if the head has ordered the body to follow its own turn. Since the head is a "command" through the neck, the word "collar" refers to the neck. 2. The "collar" from the "neck" escape "collar", this is because the collar is close to the neck, and also due to the division of ancient servant embodied on the style and color of collar. Visitors, for example, will be able to tell who is an usher according to the pattern and color of their collars. Therefore, the "collar" of "collar" can also be made from the clothing, but it can be seen in the "Chinese dictionary", which is on page 1334. These days, "blue-collar", "white collar", "golden collar", and "gold collar", and different people's work or occupation, should be derived from ancient practice.