Clothing Button The Categories Are As Follows

Clothing Button The categories are as follows

Metal Button Knowledge Classification

Most of the metal buttons to copper products as the core products, and nylon, rubber, alloy are mixed use of products. For the majority of garment customers friends, understand the use of products, can be more effective in the production, improve the quality of procurement, but also with the designer to work.

one. Button products of the basic understanding

The general types of buttons are as follows:

a. copper (iron) products

b. Nylon, rubber products

c. alloy products (metal buttons)

d. wood and other materials

(Also known as metal buttons or alloy buttons, such as: zinc aluminum alloy buttons), resin buttons, plastic buttons, fruit buttons, coconut buckle, cloth buckle (also known as cloth Buttons), Dingzhu button, wood buttons, urea buttons, Pi Niu, shell buttons, ceramic buttons, stone buttons, and so on.

two. Core product type features

1. Emergency button (also known as four in one button), used for windbreaker, leather, casual clothes, children's clothing ... ... and so on

1). The change will be on the button surface (including material, size, color, LOGO), matched with the corresponding three at the end. Button plastic material, nylon is hard, rubber is soft.

2). Four commonly used underfill specifications Name: bead bottom # 484 (also known as # 408), # 486 (also known as # 409), bottom # 405, # 406

3). From the production process aspects of emergency button is divided into two kinds: one for the stamping parts, one for the die casting, copper button surface for the stamping parts, alloy and plastic material for the die surface of the die; because the process Different, compared with the copper alloy can make more style and style of the different emergency button surface.

4). The biggest requirement of the emergency button is the control of the pull, and the prerequisite is the choice of copper material. How to distinguish the merits of the product? Can be from the appearance of shape, plating color, weight comparison and other aspects to distinguish.

2. Cowboy button (also known as the word button), used for denim clothing, in recent years there are for casual wear

1). The traditional hand button with a single copper material manufacturing, due to intense competition, in recent years began to fashion diversification, its materials also will change, most of the use of alloy die-casting button, which also extends the grinding , Polishing and other professional knowledge.

2). From its style point of view, the word button is divided into the following:

Stick core button - screw / arrow pin nail

Single needle button - short double cut nail

Rotate the word button - long double

Double needle hand button - copper double pin nail.