Clothing Button Product In Functionality

Clothing Button Product in functionality

Button is everywhere, the button as a modern product used in clothing, originated in the eighteenth century Europe. One can imagine, at that time, can be applied to the clothing in the button so high-end products, that is no less than the modern society of girls in a finger on a set of carats. So the button factory found that every woman wearing a button clothing must be non-rich that expensive, home steward, a French teacher, a horse boy, there are cooking maid, of course, there must be hair maid and dress maid, in ancient clothes There are buttons on behalf of the rich and prosperous.

Therefore, the eighteenth century the ladies do not need their own hands dress, a maid for the hostess dress, buckle the three layers outside the three layers of dozens or even hundreds of buttons is a huge workload, And "buckle button" this action is a servant action, the hostess of the pair of light like a small hands can not do such a rough job. So the button sewn in the hands of the maid to become a technical detail, or even an economic category. Most of the human habits, decided to button on the right side of the more convenient operation. For a maid, the face button button, the button on the left is very consistent with the requirements of physiology and economics.

In fact, the button factory that a lot of male friends, although not enough money for his love woman please housekeeper and dress maid, but willing to stand in front of her hand for her buckle buttons. So, the buttons on the left, can be said to be a symbol of the ancient aristocracy, or can be said to be male and female love one of the ways of performance.

With the "small button" derived from the clothing accessories block economic group, a set of "China Button City", "China zipper town" in one, known as the "Oriental Brussels." Yesterday, the Chinese clothing accessories fashion strategy seminar held in the city, a large number of domestic top fashion designers and clothing manufacturers gathered in charge for the transformation and upgrading of accessories industry advice.

Reporters in the venue side of the exhibition hall to see, the production of buttons, zippers and other accessories became the "finishing touch." "Accessories in the design of clothing in the status of more and more stressed, was used, whether it is high-end wedding dress, or popular fashion ladies and casual wear, once the design of the accessories embellishment, grade and value greatly improved. Name clothing designer say so.

According to the button factory to understand, a clothing, buttons, zippers, stickers, lining and other accessories, in the total cost accounted for 30%. Garment accessories industry as an important part of the garment industry chain, in recent years, its products in the functional and decorative on a great breakthrough, not only gives the clothing personalized and fashion sense, but also for the product design and development into the More spirituality and content, as enterprises highlight the product charm, enhance the value-added products, one of the important means.