Clothing Button Let The Clothes Update Tide

Clothing Button Let the clothes update tide

Use the button to decorate the clothes to make the clothes more tide

       Today, people are more stress clothing, not only to be comfortable and trendy. A dress in the hand, the first look is not its price and whether fit, but concerned about whether it is popular. Many female friends will be feeling, this year to buy clothes, will be outdated next year, when they have to buy new. For them to buy is not clothes, but popular, trendy, personality. These things are changing at any time, could not keep but also do not go. To make their own clothes are unique at all times, do not spend their minds that can never be done. In fact, as long as a few buttons, a few pieces of cloth, a few small decoration, any popular clothing can be manually designed out.

       A piece of clothing if it is the color of its color with style and style with the style, in order to make clothes wear on their own more personality, nothing more than to highlight its characteristics. For different fabrics of clothing, we have to choose the best set off the decoration. Such as: red clothing can be accompanied by a black button with, it is warm, bold character suddenly burst out. And some high-end fabric, you can match the dazzling diamond buttons to do with the lining, which can set off a person's noble temperament. And for men's twill clothing, can be accompanied by matte with a button, not only fashion and highlight the grade of clothing. As long as the use of properly, buttons will be able to bring a good taste of clothing. Then, every year to wear the latest fashion will not be difficult.

Why is the button is the eyes of clothing

     Button for many people is only a small ornament, and in the clothing industry, it is known as the clothing "eyes". Each button contains a myriad of artistic creation, from modeling to pattern and then to the function, both in color and craft, are unparalleled. In the garment industry booming today, buttons are also more and more people concerned about. It is no longer a single ornament, and condensed into a cultural and artistic incarnation. It inherited the civilization of human development, from the original ivory button to the present metal buttons, it is the change is the best proof of our human civilization.

     The composition of each piece of clothing requires a different composition of materials, such as fabrics, silk, etc., and buttons are one of the most indispensable. Like the sun in the sky, without its sky there is no concern, we see will be a vast expanse of gray. Clothes are the same, even if the use of the fabric with the next, if there is no "finishing touch", it is still no bright color. The two edges of the garment are connected by a button, making the overall beauty of the garment strengthened. Like a man's suit, if no buttons embellishment, it has no flavor at all. And embellishment of the number of different buttons, but also from the other hand to show a person's personality, style. Button so, its role is reflected.