Clothing Button Is Everywhere

Clothing Button Is everywhere

Button is everywhere, the button as a modern product used in clothing, originated in the eighteenth century Europe. One can imagine, at that time, can be applied to the clothing in the button so high-end products, that is no less than the modern society of girls in a finger on a set of carats. So the button factory found that women who wear button clothing must be non-rich that is expensive, there are housekeeper family, a French teacher, a horse boy, there are cooking maid, of course, there must be a maid and dress maid, in ancient clothes There are buttons on behalf of the rich and busy.

Therefore, the eighteenth century the ladies do not need their own hands, a maid for the hostess dress, buckle the three layers outside the three layers of dozens or even hundreds of buttons is a huge workload, And "buckle button" this action is a servant action, the hostess of the pair of light like a small hand can not do such a rough job. So the button on the side of the mate hands to become a technical detail, or even an economic category. Most human habits make it easier to operate the button on the right side. For a maid, the face button button, the button on the left is very consistent with the requirements of physiology and economics. Garment accessories include lining, zipper, buttons, cable, trademarks, flitches and litter. The early 80s of last century built the town of clothing materials professional market, has gradually developed into clothing materials production and marketing base, formed a button, zipper as a leader, upstream and downstream products and accessories complete industrial chain, is China's most powerful clothing accessories production and marketing One of the bases.

Under the new situation, buttons, zippers and other accessories manufacturing enterprises not only in the overall scale has improved, and brand awareness gradually from passive to active, many button factory enterprises in the independent design and development on the basis of the reference to Hong Kong, Taiwan The region's clothing accessories design and production ideas, and appropriate absorption of digestion, introduced a new chic, exquisite and excellent accessories products.

"Now the buttons, zippers and other products attached to more fashion elements, and most companies have brand strategy included in the development of this important goal, which is to promote the development of China's garment industry is very good." China Garment Association Secretary Changwang Zhuo said that China's garment industry and the further integration of materials industry, will accelerate the industrialization of the garment industry chain to promote the value of China's garment industry to enhance.