Clothing Button Clothing More Perfect

Clothing Button Clothing more perfect

Metal buttons in the clothing on the match program

A button is a tie for clothes on both sides. The initial function is used to connect the clothes of the placket, is now gradually developed in addition to maintaining its original function is more artistic and decorative, that is, personalized. Good button it can make your clothing more perfect, play the "finishing touch" role, play a certain aesthetic role. In particular, women's clothing is now a lot of colorful decorative buttons. In detail: the clothes for the minds of the button, that is, we often say that the button, such as windbreaker with a link, such as non-connecting skirts for the buckle, but we are accustomed to the two together, collectively referred to as buttons The

     Metal button design is an industrial design category. Metal button design is different from such as sculpture, sculpture, painting and other pure art design, it contains body, pattern, color, material, practical, durability, high-volume industrial production of the production and process.

The shape of the metal button on the form, by the two parts:

   (A) shape of the geometric modeling and three-dimensional modeling; due to the production, process, safety and other factors, the shape of the most common shape is round, hexagonal, ranging from equilateral, equilateral, three-dimensional modeling the most common Of a spherical, hemispherical, floating shape and other three-dimensional modeling.

   (B) local modeling. Local modeling is the most common in the shape of the shape on the basis of individual and all the local details of the shape, such as the Arabic numerals, English letters, plane composition patterns, animals, portraits, flowers, registered trademarks and patterns.

     A good metal buttons, must be prepared for two conditions: (1) practicality, aesthetics; (2) with the clothing compatibility direction. Practicality, aesthetics are generally easier to understand, and the direction of clothing compatibility that metal buttons are mainly for what kind of clothing services, is the suit, or fashion category, shirt category, children's clothing category, cowboy class, leather category, Underwear, shoes and hats, leisure class, etc., to take into account their commonality, but also take into account their particularity.

Color contrast and reconcile

Metal buttons in the clothing on the color configuration, all in the hue, purity, brightness and other aspects of clothing color contrast and reconcile, such as a bright red dress with chrome white buttons and rings, although these fasteners on the clothing Occupies a small area, but very prominent, bright, the contrast is characterized by a strong contrast between hue and brightness.