Clothing Button Can Be Applied To

Clothing Button Can be applied to

Metal buttons are widely used in button varieties

Among the many metal button varieties, the metal button is a relatively wide application. It is a variety of colors, can be applied to a variety of clothing, accessories and packaging decoration. With the pursuit of fashion and material culture, buttons are used for the use of ornaments more and more widely. This form of change, to promote the type of buttons and materials have also undergone a greater change, all kinds of varieties, always dazzling.

In our common varieties of color, according to the shape of a round, square, diamond, oval, leaf shape, etc .; according to the color of convex flowers, concave flowers, mosaic, wrapping, etc .; according to the raw material phase of bakelite, leather, shell , Pearlescent, electroplating, metal, etc., as well as no need to stitch, no lines, no button button, etc .; there are some with the color of the plate system disk flower, can be carefully produced a variety of shapes, full of artistic, such as butterfly , Goldfish New Zealand, plum blossom, chicken heart and so on. According to the characteristics of the material can be divided into four categories: synthetic materials buttons, natural materials buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons.

The next few years, the role of buttons in the clothing accessories industry will have a greater improvement, and its application in the apparel industry will be more extensive

Button production testing process

Button production is required to have a test procedure, only the inspection of qualified buttons, can go to the market, the following is the seven test procedures for the button.

Button year-end feast

1, control samples. See the color, the model is consistent with the sample;

2, the surface should not have cracks, gaps, rugged and obvious scratches;

3, no back split, bubble; no rotten edge, uneven thickness of the phenomenon;

4, the pattern should be no obvious deformation, no white eyes, white circle and other phenomena;

5, buttonhole should be smooth and smooth; needle all wear and rupture, to be symmetrical and no big eyes. If it is dark eye buckle, dark eyes should be smooth, no obvious burst.

6, with the batch button color should not be less than GB250 four standard, compared with the sample, should not be less than GB250 three standard.

7, packaging inspection, in the appearance of all qualified inspection, and then subpackage. In the packaging should be put into a certificate or other labels.

The number of packaging should be consistent with the provisions, and the actual number of bags to be consistent with the specified number and found that due to thickness or other reasons beyond the tolerance will have to test

Metal Button Knowledge Classification

Most of the metal buttons to copper products as the core products, and nylon, rubber, alloy are mixed use of products. For the majority of garment customers friends, understand the use of products, can be more effective in the production, improve the quality of procurement, but also with the designer to work.

one. Button products of the basic understanding

The general types of buttons are as follows:

a. copper (iron) products

b. Nylon, rubber products