Clothing Button Button Type

Clothing Button Button type

Tang buckle in our country, the button can be traced back to 1800 years ago, the original button is mainly stone buttons, wooden buttons, shell buttons, and later developed with fabric made with buttons, cut buttons. Crochet buttons in the development of our clothing has played a great role in the history, from the initial clothing features fastener to the clothing decoration transition. Chinese box buckle is the traditional Chinese clothing button form, is a variety of fabrics sewn into thin strips, into a variety of shapes of fancy buttons. Chinese plate buckle modeling beautiful, exquisite workmanship, like thousands of crafts, can be said that China's clothing garden is unique in the wonderful work. Chinese plate deduction with the same value with other buttons, more used to decorate and beautify the clothing, especially in the national costumes, more reflect the beauty of its clothing. To the people most impressed is the "Tang suit" on the buckle.

Who is invented? Button is often accompanied by human life clothing supplies. Its use, has been six thousand years of history. As early as four thousand years ago, the ancestors of Iran's Persians, they have made use of stone buttons. China's Zhou Dynasty has begun to use the shirt under the system, regardless of both men and women are wearing a coat under the clothes of the two clothes. Inwardly there are officials specializing in the production of dress, civil and military Baiguan do ceremony, you must wear a dress. At that time the use of clothing is more standardized, clothing system is also quite complete. Zhou Dynasty reflects the Zhou Dynasty ritual "Zhou", "Book of Rites" and other books appeared in the "New Zealand" word, "New Zealand" is the knot of knot, that is, buckling. According to my collection of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Chinese and foreign archaeological materials, in the Spring and Autumn Period, there is the use of buttons. Yunnan Jinning Shi Zhaoshan unearthed Warring States cultural relics, it has been used blue, apple green, light gray turquoise made of round, oval, animal head and non-standard shape of the button. Each has one or two holes. Some engraved patterns, modeling chic, colorful, with Miaomei the shiny light. Now the collection of buttons, still useful small stones, pimps, animal horns and walnuts, coconut shells made of simple buttons. This shows that our Chinese nation in the Zhou Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn Period, there have been people using buttons. Japan unearthed in the middle of the grave era, the image of the human body made on the display of the wheel show that the men's clothing is composed of clothing and skirts, clothing for the narrow sleeves shirt, chest of the lapel by the button connection. It can be seen that the Japanese had used the buttons before the grave period. In the sixteenth century, the Chinese spread the buttons to Europe, when only men use, fewer female users, most people just used as clothing. Some dignitaries in order to show their wealth, with precious gold and silver, pearls, precious stones, diamonds, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, ivory precious material, refined made of buttons.

France has King Louis XIV, with 13,000 precious buttons inlaid to do a king robe records. I am now in the collection, it is valuable precious horns, antelope horns, ivory, gold and silver precious materials produced by the precious buttons. Button why men are right, ladies in left? Because modern dress is based on Western dress. Westerners are generally dressed in shirts and suits, buttons on the right side of the buttons in line with the buttons of habit. In the past few years ago, in the West, the ladies are generally not buckle their own buttons, usually by the waiter to wear the ladies buckle button, in order to let the ladies buckle button when the convenience, so the ladies clothing buttons and men are the opposite.