Clothing Button Button Classification

Clothing Button Button classification

Clothing accessories buttons

A button is a tie for clothes on both sides. The initial function is used to connect the clothes of the placket, is now gradually developed in addition to maintaining its original function is more artistic and decorative, that is, personalized.

Good buttons to make clothing more perfect, play a "finishing touch" role, to a certain extent, play a beautiful role. Especially reflected in the women's clothing, and now women's clothing appeared a lot of colorful decorative buttons. Specifically, the clothes to connect the minds of the button, that is, we often say that the button; the other, such as windbreaker with a button, such as non-connecting shirt is buckle. Now we are accustomed to the two together, collectively referred to as buttons.

The Classification and Development Trend of Buttons

a, button size (ie diameter size points) that we now often say 14 #, 16 #, 18 #, 20 #, 60 # and so on! Its conversion formula is: diameter = model * 0.635 (mm). If we have a button in our hands, but I do not know the size of the model, we can use caliper to measure its diameter (mm) and then divided by 0.635 can be.

b, by material:

c, natural categories: Zhenbei buckle, coconut buckle, wood buckle

d, chemical deduction, leather buckle, plastic buckle, combination buckle, urea buckle, spray button, electroplating buckle, etc. Other: Chinese knot, Sihetun deduction, metal buckle, horns deduction, imitation leather deduction, laser letter deduction Word deduction and so on

e, natural categories: real buckle buckle, coconut buckle, wood buckle

f, class: organic deduction, resin buckle, plastic buckle, combination buckle, urea deduction, spray paint deduction, electroplating deduction, etc.

g, other: Chinese knot, Sihetun deduction, metal buckle, horns deduction, imitation leather deduction, laser letter deduction, vibration word deduction

h, bar buckle: pearl buckle, pattern buckle, ordinary bar and so on

Department of good life of the first button, the achievements of the great cause of life

Achievement of the great cause of life, from the Department of good life's first "button", the growth process of life for some people is happy, is beautiful, but some people talk about is hard, is twists and turns; in the growth process Happiness, happiness, twists and turns is our own choice, some people will start from the details of their own change, everything requires their attention to detail, according to the operating process and operating standards to do things, even if it is clothing, Have formed their own set of perfect operating habits.

May 4, 2014, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President, Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping came to Peking University study. "The value orientation of youth determines the value orientation of the whole society in the future, and the youth is in the period of the formation and establishment of values, and it is very important to grasp the values of this period," he said. Like the buttons on the clothes, if the first button is wrong, the remaining buttons will be wrong.