Chain The Origin Of The Zipper

Chain The origin of the zipper

Zipper is an important invention in the history of mankind, the initial invention of the concept of zipper is to save the dressing time, zippers and buttons, like in different clothing and bags on the use of different ways, the following for everyone to explain in detail the origin of the zipper and Everyday life need to pay attention and attention to the problem:

The origin of the zipper:

 American mechanical engineer Wittcon Jason is the original inventor of the zipper. Once, he was anxious to go out to attend a banquet, but in the buckle over a long boots on more than 20 buttons have been tired when the back pain, rush also buckle the wrong button, had to unlock the buckle. Such a toss, when he arrived at the venue has been late, he had to apologize to friends.

Judder Sen heart out of the house at home tossing to heart, decided to invent a new button to save spent on the above time. One day, he passed a courtyard of a family, tied to the yard of the dog to his mouth barking, he saw the dog mouth staggered teeth produced inspiration, if the buttons on the boots replaced by alternating dog teeth, not on Put all the buttons together? He soon designed the first "zipper" in human history.

This "zipper" includes two chains, each with a staggered tooth-like hook and chain. Judson named his invention "movable button" and applied for a patent, but also on the boots. In 1893, he took his patent to attend the Chicago World Expo, hoping to seek a business breakthrough, but no one to buy his account, because the invention at that time need to hand-made, high cost, and the quality is not stable enough. Until he died, "mobile buttons" has not been a major breakthrough, Judson's company is also bleak business, failed to obtain commercial profits.

 But the improvement of the "zipper" did not end with the death of Judson. Immigration from Sweden, Sen Baker continues to try to "commercialize" while improving the "zipper" process. This time, Sen Baker was inspired by the iron spoon. He went to a shop to buy iron spoon, the owner of the store to the store all kinds of items are placed very neatly, especially the iron spoon placed very clever, above the line of the spoon hanging on the iron bar, the following Of the line is spoon bucket on, with the above line of the spoon together to form a staggered layout. Sen Baker selected the following iron spoon, dragged down did not even drag down.

    This inspired Senbeck, he proposed by the "teeth, pull nose and bag" three parts to form a "zipper" new ideas. He changed the shape of the "zipper" tooth shape into a spoon-like shape, the top was convex, the end of the concave, sliding device can slip around the "tooth-like part" of the chrome, and then slide back to separate.

 People now common zipper was born, Sen Baker began mass production zipper, and lobbying department store zipper installed on the clothes. But because of the previous zipper quality is not good, to the people left a bad impression has not yet eliminated, Sen Baker did not receive the number of orders. Until the military because the zipper allows soldiers to save the dress speed and a large number of orders, zipper spring came, and gradually to the world.

Zipper daily maintenance Note:

 Everyday life, a lot of clothes, backpacks are used zipper, but the zipper is a consumable, a little attention may be damaged, not easy to use the situation. The city specializes in the maintenance of the zipper Hu Yongqiang introduced some zipper maintenance and processing methods.

Zippers rusty

You can use soap, candles in the zipper wipe a few times, and then slowly pull back and forth several times, can increase the zipper lubrication, to prevent zipper rust. If the zipper has been rusty, you can use the tip of the buckle pry open a little, and then slowly pull down the zipper, and then use the pliers to pull the buckle.

Zipper card clothes

  Zipper stuck clothes, do not pull hard pull, otherwise the stuck part will be more tight, it may damage the zipper. Slowly pull the cloth in the zipper pull out, while with the pull down the zipper, pull the clothes little by little.