Chain Manufacturing Process

Chain Manufacturing process

Chain basically belong to labor-intensive products, many developed countries have turned to developing countries, which for China's chain to expand exports has brought new opportunities. Chain manufacturing capacity is the decisive factor in the chain manufacturing industry, and the chain manufacturing strength of the center is the chain manufacturing process level. Chain manufacturing process to a large extent depends on the degree of chain consumption professional. Process equipment with a direct impact on the strength of the chain manufacturing company's consumption efficiency, product quality and economic benefits.

In recent years, China's chain industry attaches great importance to the investment of hardware equipment, many chain enterprises put a lot of money and human and material, the implementation of the chain of equipment using mechanical and electrical integration of technological transformation projects, the successful development of a number of high strength The chain of manufacturing exclusive use of equipment, and put into use, its professional consumption efficiency is high, the process more reasonable, more complete function, so that China's small and medium-sized custom formula chain manufacturing strength has been more substantial progress in China's chain industry The next step in the development of the scientific concept of development as the guide, accelerate the transformation of economic growth, improve the quality and efficiency of growth, take its own characteristics, "high yield, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution" Industry-wide and independent innovation and core competitiveness of enterprises. It can be said that China's chain market is showing a "low-grade needs, the grade of sweetness, high-grade hope" development trend. So it can be sure that the next five years will be China's chain industry's new long-term. Professional production of common sense: Hardware snake chain is a metal with a piece of metal materials through the production equipment in the mold chain and the formation of the mold to produce this product, the commonly used materials: chain processing styles are flat snake chain, snake chain, soft snake chain , Snake chain, compressed snake chain, according to customer requirements plating a variety of color samples, white color, gun color, black, gold, bronze, green bronze, etc., widely used as: necklace, bracelet, handbags Decorated chain, clothing chain, belt decorated chain, pocket watch chain, mobile phone rope chain chain, key chain hanging chain, and so on.