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Along with the development of human society, economy and science and technology, zipper by the original metal material to nonmetallic material, single varieties of a single function to develop many kinds of comprehensive function of many specifications, from simple structure to today's elaborate and beautiful, colorful, after a long evolution process. Rapid progress in its performance, structure, material, widely used, deep into the aerospace, aviation, military, medical, civil and other fields, small zipper plays a role in people's life more and more big, more and more shows its importance and vitality. Zipper, one of the ten most useful inventions of the century, has been enshrined in history.


Zipper is also called pull lock. It is one of the top ten inventions of modern convenience.

The emergence of the zipper was a century ago. At the time, in some parts of central Europe, people tried to develop a zipper test by taking, hooked, and rings to replace buttons and bows. Zippers are first used in military uniforms. During world war I, the U.S. army first ordered large Numbers of zippers to make clothes for soldiers. But the zipper was popularized in the private sector later, and was not accepted by women until 1930, to replace the buttons of clothing.

The zipper is the name obtained in 1926. According to the report, a novelist named franco, who was promoting a business lunch of a zipper sample, said: "one pull, it's gone! One more pull, it's off!" The features of the zipper are very succinct. The word zipper comes in this way.

The first prototype of the zipper, originally from people's long boots. In the middle of the nineteenth century, long boots were popular, especially for the mud or horse droppings, but the drawback was that there were more than 20 iron hooks in the boot, which took a lot of time. This shortcoming has been a problem for inventors, and it has cost sponsors a lot of money and patience. In order to avoid the trouble of wearing boot boots, people even put up with their boots all day long. Finally, in 1851, Elias Howe, an American, applied for a patent like a zipper design, but it was not commoditized, or even forgotten for half a century.

In 1893, a U.S. engineer named Judson (Kuwaiti) developed a "sliding device" and patented it, the first prototype of the zipper. The appearance of the device has had an impact on button fastenings used on high boots. But the invention didn't catch on quickly, mainly because the early lockdown was so poor that it was easy to loosen up at the wrong time and place.

In 1902, a company that produced buttons and lace was interested in Judson's invention, and they bought the patent, registered the "buckle" trademark and began to produce zippers on the shoes. But the "crab" company soon went down the road of destruction, and its production of "the buckle" is not to pull it off, it just doesn't open, sometimes it suddenly opens up, causing consumers to be embarrassed. The discredited "buckle" became a slow-moving product, and the first company that produced the zippers was also closed for a loss.