Care For Jewelry Series

A: sweat, wash, bathe when you removed personal jewelry, jewelry clean at all times; b; be careful not to touch the chemicals to avoid contact with hot springs, the water, such as swimming pools and shower gel. Try not to come into contact with water, in case of contact with water should be promptly with a soft dry cloth. C: not wearing Shi put into jewelry box or jewelry bags within prevent oxidation variable old; d: as each pieces jewelry separate store, so as not to mutual collision designated injury surface, lossy gloss; e: engaged in laundry, and wash Bowl and the cooking, work Shi, please will ring, and bracelet, and bracelet, removed, to avoid chemical items or grease effect erosion to coating effect jewelry of gloss; f: engaged in dramatic movement or moved weights Shi, please as avoid wear jewelry, to avoid jewelry for friction, and collision by caused crack surface damage, and gem off, case occurred ; G: to avoid jewelry hit flavor compounds, it is recommended that after the dress and began to wear jewelry.