Brooch The Principle Of Wearing

  Brooch, also known as corsage, is a use of the hook on the clothes in the jewelry, can also be considered decorative pins. Generally for the metal texture, embedded in precious stones, enamel and so on. Can be used as a pure decoration or both fixed clothes (such as robes, cloak, scarves, etc.) function.

    Brooch, also known as the "pin", is a wear on the chest or collar jewelry.

    BroochContemporary brooches are generally worn by women. You can not in the chest, can also be used in the shoulders, hats, hair medium. Brooch because it is relatively large jewelry, its design in the freedom of large, wear and more easily eye-catching. Brooches suit is a rule to pay attention to the law. Men's brooches are always stern, wearing a brooch collar when the brooch to wear on the left; wear unruly clothes, then wear on the right; hair left when left on the right side, and the other is worn on the left And the upper and lower positions of the broom should be in parallel position between the first and second buttons. Men in the formal occasions wearing a brooch is even more solemn. And the ladies can be free to create some of their own way of wearing, the most traditional buckle is the needle in the jacket on the lapel, but this season, the flower brooch will be able to wear anywhere in the coat pocket even It is refreshing to put on the brooch on the pants of the jeans. Of course, when wearing suits, you can choose a larger number of brooches, the material should be better, the color to be pure. When wearing a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear a novel and chic style, small and exquisite brooch.

    Brooch Buy emerald brooch should pay attention to shape, jade and diamonds with a fashionable style to show the personality of the new era of custom jade unique style. At the same time in the purchase attention to the following points:

1: should pay attention to body shape and jewelry with the law. Jade brooches as a fine trim, only to understand what kind of shape with what kind of brooch in order to bring out his atmosphere and cheerful personality; according to size choose their own emerald brooch jewelry.

2: shape design. Jade brooch shape is a variety of, animal shape, plant shape and so on, only the election for their own emerald brooch, you can show your inner personality.

3: material and workmanship. Material is the pursuit of many modern young people, are generally rich and colorful colors, workmanship will be relatively small, easy to wear easy to wear.