Brooch How To Match

Brooch How to match

Do you want to wear a brooch for business activities?

Generally in business activities, to show their own gas field. If it is charitable activities, but also let others see your love. This time, put on the shape of animal brooch is undoubtedly very suitable. Animal brooch represents a respect for nature, love life, and different shapes of animals to shape your image is also different.

How does the body and brooch match?

According to the size of the body with the size of corsage in the choice of corsage, and body to match. Shape relatively large corsage for tall people, this can show the atmosphere. Stature petite with a small shape of the pin, so add a bit cute. In fact, regardless of the shape of the needle is large, is small, work should be fine, lightweight, if too cumbersome, do not have a sense of sagging on the clothing, but also affect the wearer's beauty. Wearing corsage and brooch, intended to draw the finishing touch, to set off elegant temperament. If you can use color contrast, will play a different effect. Summer clothing thin, you can use fine corsage, brooch products; winter in the sweater, jacket to wear a larger metal corsage and brooch. In the very natural breath of the outdoor wedding, Xionghua red, purple, yellow, green and nude color, all the wedding in the application of the color it! With the bride and groom together, very bright and very natural In the way we communicate with things, vision is a sensory way that is as important as touch. Different clothing accessories have his not the same material characteristics, the kind of beauty is the combination of visual and tactile response, so that people really feel and rich imagination slowly extended. Emphasizing the texture contrast is today's clothing industry attention to detail, to overcome the monotony of a large means. The texture of the accessories itself is very rich, and then with other rich fabrics, accessories, etc. can be combined to form a special texture contrast, thereby enhancing the visual effects. As a wide range of clothing accessories and clothing in the application of the way is also very diverse, making clothing accessories in the clothing gives a chic and varied, and lively and vivid feeling.

Every queen in history has its own scepter, which is a symbol of right, a symbol of identity. Having such a scepter is the dream of thousands of ladies' hearts.

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