Accessories Girdle Fashion Match

Accessories Girdle Fashion match

Belt belt, is the ancient Chinese northern of the ethnic minorities in the long-term practice of life evolved, it is not only used to tie robe, but also used to wear some production, life use of objects. Belt belt has become a fashion, look at the international large and small fashion show, the designer has been inseparable from the belt. As part of the accessories, belt belt can be a good look from the role of the lines.

Ms. belt has become a fashion, the role of the belt has been extended to the practicality of fashion, even with the meaning of decorative decoration has become increasingly prominent. Now a lot of girls with clothes, no matter what season are like to use a belt to decorate, do not underestimate this little belt, give you the effect is great. Ladies decorative belt can be outlined full of S-shaped curve of the United States, a delicate ladies decorated belt can actually help us characterize.

And then a simple white shirt and white trousers with the prime gas but no features, and this shirt on the basis of the original added a thin arm of the small models, and then catch a shiny wide belt, highlight Your body proportions, make you elegant while losing the sense of fashion.

The original coat and skirt of the line raised to the chest under the Wai, in the visual significantly enhance your body proportions, and in the girdle between the Department of a shirt with the same thin belt to make you full of charm, can be used in any season in.

A simple and generous shirt requires a waistband to outline the body curve, and the self-cultivation of the West skirt with wide girdle to the upper and lower body ratio of the perfect split, with a tight design to make the shirt into the skirt smooth and solid.

To say what accessories have a significant effect was thin, it would be none other than the belt. It is never hot fashion a single product, decorate dress more fashion sense, especially in the winter, want to get rid of bloated bucket waist, then ultimately the belt. Most of the belt is to decorate, modify the body often used, then, for the belt with, you know how much? Do you know who fit the belt? Take a look at today

Belt match

The first category: thin waist people

Slender waist when people choose the belt, the body will be more extensive adjustment, not so picky. But the skeleton of small and particularly thin people with the belt, it is not appropriate to emphasize the slender waist, and fit the belt with the crotch. The proportion of the standard people, choose no problem when the belt, but with the individual's overall temperament is closely related to the style of the mix will actually be more important.

The second category: lumbar fat

Waist fat with a belt is not the same way to wear, we should pay attention to the belt should not be all exposed to the outside. Waist fat people generally have a little belly, so you can choose to take a little waist belt, so that the belt slightly ride in the belly of the highest place, it should be noted that the belt buckle must have the effect of decoration, can be a beautiful bow , Can be a flower and so on. In addition, there must be a coat, can be a large sweater cardigan, can be a small suit jacket, etc., the role of the coat is to remove the visual effects on both sides of the belt, so that from the front to see only the middle of this piece Beautiful belt buckle, can play a visual transfer effect. The same time as