Accessories Girdle Decorative Effect

Accessories Girdle Decorative effect

Now the belt is much more decorative than its practicality, not used to tie pants more is the decorative effect of the belt. Belt has become an important weapon to reshape the body, the belt in the scope of the role of the gradual expansion of the summer, Shoulong waist, shaping the waist line, Slim was thin. In the clothes above the waist position plus a belt, you can move the waist line of visual effects, quietly adjusted the proportion of the body, the upper body shortened, lower body elongated.

Especially in the hot summer, mm who will use the belt to highlight their own good body, the belt has a good self-cultivation effect, so the decorative belt in the fashion industry is very popular.

 For the choice of decorative belts as long as their own body size and clothing styles and colors can be coordinated, only to choose their own, with the clothing coordination with the better play the belt to the decorative effect.

 Waist rough people choose not to use too wide belt, do not use too fancy waistband, medium width is simple, too fancy will be more obvious emphasis on the waist, people look visually more thick on the waist The Moderate fit for a variety of belts, as long as the color and clothing colors can be coordinated with the line on the line. Very thin people do not choose the waist belt, waist belt itself has a waist effect, it was very thin, and that will appear your waist more thin, too slim does not look good. Belt color is usually the same color with the color of clothing.

Belt is no longer in order to tie pants or skirts, clothing in the evolution of the belt is also evolving, more is to better match their own clothing. Use a good belt, you can play a very good decorative effect.

Use belt How can a good use of a belt? It will start from a wide range, and today and everyone together to understand the next belt with the color, with the belt is very important, belt color is equally important.

Cowboy style belt, the most suitable for the usual match. For example, when you wear jeans, it is necessary according to the color of jeans and plate type to choose a good belt style.

Belt with the following points need to pay attention to:

1, with the clothing with the coordination: that is, clothing styles and colors with the coordination, such as wearing a loose Korean version of the bat shirt sweater generally choose leather woven leather belt, and clothing style to match, if it is two or Dressing soft fabric pack, the belt of choice will be larger. Belt color is usually the same color with the color of clothing, dark clothing do not match the light belt, it is best not to choose the color of the color collided with the belt.