What are common metal jewelry

What are some common metal jewelry? Metal jewelry is the rise of manufacturing industry in China this year, with the improvement of living standards, people's sense of aesthetics of metal products more and more attention. While us and European markets already has a tradition of decorative hardware, so the growing momentum of vigorous development in the industry. What is metal jewelry? Metal jewelry as the name suggests, is from metal raw materials to create jewelry, he appeared in all corners of life. From the building down to the key chain, as long as the focus on less, then metal jewelry comes in. Specific points, which by their nature points can be divided into, metal ornaments, plastic ornaments and so on. According to their size, can be divided into home furnishings, machinery and jewelry as well as fine jewelry and gift accessories. We now have the means of most metal jewelry gifts accessories. Metal jewelry there are trinkets, mobile phone accessories, cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, the 12 constellations, 12 Zodiac pendant, letter size, letter, KT cat, Disney, mascot and other accessories category.