Teach you how to select items

Face serum leptin and neck slender women, wore a short necklace, face won't appear too thin neck won't seem too long. Round face and neck short female, best long necklace, necklace with a conspicuous large pendant in the Middle, the effect will be better. Oval face women wore medium length necklace this necklace on the neck form elliptical shape to better set off the beautiful contours of the face. Neck, attractive woman can wear a short necklace, highlight the beautiful neck. Selection of necklaces, price is not the main factor, no matter the style, paired with age, skin color, clothing coordination is important. In General, the older people to choose high quality, processing of fine gold, Platinum necklace as well; and the young people should choose the texture, color, and style the new necklace is better. Such as hardware, Pearl necklace, and so on.