Metal jewelry industry how to improve sales of Alibaba

1, fix product keywords, pay attention to the relevance of information, set the exact category, message title contains only one name. General information should be included: (1) keywords (2) enrichment information (3) the temptations, such as discount information 2, keep the information fresh, effective (1) repeat information frequency. How to resend a message? Not all products, Ali, the update frequency of the system is the same, so repeat frequency of information, depending on your product features, Wang Pu feedback to determine. 3. product information rating up to 5 stars. (1) select a category (2) write quality titles (3) fill in the property (4) uploading images (5) rich content. This can also help domestic helper template function e to achieve, apply the product up to 5 stars after. 4, add integrity protection service, shows your credit situation