2016 technical metal die industry in China: development of strong momentum

Due to the rapid development of domestic metal molds and significant advancement in technology, coupled with the low domestic prices for metal molds, so some brands in recent years there have been many metal molds imported from abroad in the past to become in the domestic procurement. Meanwhile, with the international competitiveness of Chinese automobile mould industry gradually increased, some foreign brand cars also are increasingly purchasing from our metal molds. Germany and the United States some of the OEMs have many hardware mold factory China products into their global procurement chain. This trend has not only become clear, and with the production technology optimization of local companies, domestic metal die industry advantage in the international market would be further highlighted. Luo Baihui, head of the international mould and metal and plastic industry suppliers Association pointed out that domestic die for automobile metal molds products market, but domestic industry arising from imbalances of metal mold is also worth watching.